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Welcome to Welcare

We are a group practice of family physicians dedicated to providing you with comprehensive primary care. We provide evidence-based care. Our physicians provide comprehensive primary care to all of our patients; this includes preventative care, screening and follow up whether you are a newborn or 100. We also provide same day care for more urgent health care needs. 

Please take a few moments to review the information on this website, how our Annual Fee program works, information about our physician group as well as specialized services and programs as they become available. We have also included an Announcements section. We will be posting information periodically, for example when flu shot vaccinations are available each year.

We are introducing this webpage as a way for you to get to know us better, to provide you with information about how to access our health care services and eventually to provide you with the ability to make appointments on-line and to keep track of your test results.

There is a lot of ‘health’ information and products out there, much of it is not evidence based, and some of it is harmful. We will guide you to responsible health care advice and we will partner with you for your health care needs. 

We welcome you as your partners in good health,

The Physicians of Welcare

Dr Vera Fried, Dr Saila Kuruganty, Dr Cathy McNally, Dr Jennifer Ng, Dr Tanya Stone, 

Dr Herman Gill and Dr Katie Killorn

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