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The Welcare Centre for Health and Nutrition


Food choices play a crucial role in our health but access to straightforward and credible information is difficult to find. Social media is full of misinformation from non-regulated nutrition influencers whose advice can be harmful and confusing. This dietary advice often includes costly supplements and highly restrictive diets.
Many of the health conditions we face are impacted by our food choices. Food choices are made with the best intentions, however, can be influenced by factors including convenience, taste preferences, cost, and available knowledge. Positive changes to our diet can work preventatively or synergistically with other health behaviours to improve disease status.

To support your dietary health The Welcare Centre for Health and Nutrition is offering registered dietitian services. Working with you in partnership, the dietitian will provide personalized and supportive evidence-based nutrition counseling to help you achieve your health goals.

This is a 3-part program. In the initial assessment the dietitian will review your health history, recent blood work, and eating routines. During the second meeting you will receive a dietary analysis, realistic and attainable goals will be set collaboratively, and recommendations on how to achieve these goals will be provided. The third appointment will assess implementation of the current plan, reflect on how you feel and what changes can be made going forward. If subsequent sessions are desired, they can be booked as additional half hour or one-hour sessions.

This is not a one size fits all approach: lifestyle requirements, religious and cultural practices, ethical choices, and your health circumstances are all pillars in the assessment and creation of your nutritional plan.

The initial session will require an hour of your time with the two subsequent appointments taking 30 minutes each. Appointments can be done confidentially online or in-person.

All of our patients are welcome to participate in this program.  Your physician may speak to you about the program as a way of addressing health concerns.


Who is this program for?

Anyone can benefit from this program including patients with the following conditions or characteristics
Pre-diabetes/Type 1/Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Management
Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol/triglycerides)
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
Cardiovascular dise
Kidney disease
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Osteoporosis / Osteopenia
Maternal and Infant health


The program is not covered by OHIP.  However, Dietitian services are often partially or fully covered under health insurance plans, check with your provider for coverage details. 

The cost of the program is $240 for the three-sessions.  

Infants: Moving to Solid Foods, Parent Group or Individual Session

On the recommendation of our physicians, we are adding a program for help for

parents whose child is moving to solids. 


  • Identifying signs of readiness

  • Increase confidence

  • Learning important nutrients when introducing solids

  • Decreasing fears of choking and gagging

  • Introducing allergens… when and how?

  • Baby-led weaning/feeding

  • Developing a good eater

  • What to expect when introducing solids 


Our Registered Dietitian has extensive experience in pediatrics and will help you tackle those transition periods with your baby. You can book an in-person or virtual visit for an hour or you can also able to book 3 sessions  to address other maternal related issues from fertility, PCOS, endometrioses, prenatal, postnatal and maternal through nutrition and diet.

One hour session

We also offer a one-hour session for patients who may wish to consult with our Registered Dietician on any matter of interest or concern. You will get appropriate evidence-based advice which you can use. The cost of a one-hour session is $65.00 When you book the appointment indicate in your note that you wish a one hour session.

Dietitian Christine Morgan

My name is Christine Morgan and I am registered dietitian with experience in nutrition counselling and chronic disease management through nutrition.

I completed my nutrition and dietetics undergrad at The University of Western Ontario and internship training at Unity Health Toronto, where I completed various rotation in family health team-chronic disease management and women and children program, cystic fibrosis and respirology, in-patient nephrology, oncology and hematology as well as a research rotation. Prior to that I completed an undergraduate degree in Health Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Masters degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health from the University of Bristol. 

I am passionate about creating evidence-based and personalized nutrition care plans for people with different nutritional needs/goals and disease states in order to help my patients feel empowered and confident with their nutrition. It is important to me that I work with clients/patients to foster a healthy relationship with food, the body and the mind and to encourage self-management of their disease state.


My diverse clinical experiences has allowed me to acquire the necessary skill set for various disease states and nutritional problems, which allows me to be a more well rounded health care professional. I’m here to help patients navigate the nutrition world that can often be intimidating and jam packed with information.



Payment made be made by interac to:

Payment should be made before your first appointment, we will send you a receipt by email 

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