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For current information on the availability of vaccines in all Ontario areas, eligibility based on age or patient profile (occupation or health status) and to register for a vaccine please go to:   

As vaccines are rolled out  in different areas of the Province, different age groups are opened for registration, different occupations are identified as eligible and patients with certain health conditions or status become eligible, it is best to consult the above link for information specific to your circumstances.

The Welcare Centre for Health and Nutrition

Food choices play a crucial role in our health but access to straightforward and credible information is difficult to find. Social media is full of misinformation from non-regulated nutrition influencers whose advice can be harmful and confusing. This dietary advice often includes costly supplements and highly restrictive diets.
To support your dietary health The Welcare Centre for Health and Nutrition is offering registered dietitian services. Working with you in partnership, the dietitian will provide personalized and supportive evidence-based nutrition counseling to help you achieve your health goals.
For more information click on the Health and Nutrition tab 

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