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Important Information Regarding Upcoming Appointments

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our primary concern. We know this is the prime season for flu and respiratory illness and concerns about the Coronavirus. We want to make sure our patients have the most up-to-date information. Most importantly, it is imperative that we all take precautions.

Appointments to be done by video consultation or phone

Due to efforts to contain COVID-19 infections, all upcoming appointments will be by Video Conference or telephone only. Please do NOT arrive at the office for your appointment. The doctor will call you as close as possible to the time of your scheduled appointment. Where feasible we will be contacting you using the Ontario Telemedicine Network. We will send you an email and you will be asked to download an app. There is a link to the app in the email. It is simple to do. If you don’t have a smart phone or computer we will call you. Please ensure we have the correct phone number and email address for you. You can email us at : to provide your correct phone and email address

If you feel your appointment cannot be handled by video visit or phone, please call us and we will let you know if the doctor deems it appropriate to accommodate your appointment in person.


Booked Complete Check-ups

If you have a complete check-up booked, please note you may choose to keep your appointment and have it conducted by video consultation. A check-up appointment involves reviewing medications and arranging screening tests which can successfully be done by video or phone. The "physical" part of the check-up can be rescheduled for a later date.

If after speaking to you on video or phone, the doctor feels it is important to be seen in person, she will advise you accordingly.


Medication Renewals

For medication renewals, please ask your pharmacy to fax over a renewal request and we may be able do it via fax.

Test requisitions and other documents

We also ask that if you have documents/testing requisitions to be picked up, please call prior to dropping into the clinic. We would be happy to email these documents to you with your consent or send via Canada post.

Covid-19 Tests

To protect the health of our patients and community we are implementing the following screening recommendation: If you have a new or worsening cough or shortness of breath and/or fever AND you or someone close to you has recently travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days or is COVID positive, PLEASE call Telehealth (1-866-797-0000) or Toronto Public Health. Their frequently updated website can be accessed Their phone number is 416 338-7600.

You can also contact your local public health unit by visiting  for further direction. Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are not able to provide testing for the Coronavirus at our clinic currently and to avoid the spread of infection, do not go to a clinic or hospital before calling first and be ready to self-isolate if necessary. Call Telehealth or Toronto Public Health

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

Please remember you can help to protect yourself from all respiratory illnesses by appropriate hand hygiene, wiping often used appliances, countertops and practicing social distancing.

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